The following training models are available:

Different training models deal with the following content:

  • The explanation and definition of “interespect”
  • The role of stereotypes and prejudice
  • The interaction between religion and culture
  • Similarities and differences between cultures
  • Practical application
INTERESPECT-CoachingTrainingCrash CourseShow-ing*
Duration5-10 2-hour sessions8-hour sessions over 2 -3 daysA 4-8-hour session in one dayA 2-4 hours on in one day
Number of Paticipants1-28-1520-5050-250
VenueAs per choice of the participant(s)Seminar roomSeminar room or lecture hallLecture hall or a conference room

*Show-ing comes from the word ´´show´´ and is a half – day or an entire day event, potentially with catering and guest speakers in a location of your choice.

Interactive lectures 2-3 hours

  • “What can we learn from children about interespect?”
  • “Foreigners in Germany and Germans abroad – a change of perspective.”
  • “What am I allowed to say or think? Discrimination in everyday life!”

Interespect training also offers further content such as:

  • Work and self – organization
  • Conflict management
  • Training over the phone

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